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11 things landlords need to know in 2022

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Published on line by Which? 29th december 2021 by Stephen Maunder   Buy-to-let property investors face a series of challenges in 2022, from the prospect of reforms to eviction and deposit rules to proposed energy efficiency changes. It’s a complex time to be a landlord, but we’re here to help you get your head around the rules when investing in buy-to-let property and managing your portfolio. Here are our 11 top tips on what to watch ou...

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Andrea Fawell, sales and marketing director at property developers Kebbell, has given Property Wire a rundown of the market factors that are likely to affect house buyers and house-builders in 2022.

Kebbell’s Predictions for 202231ST DECEMBER 2021 PROPERTY NEWS, UKBY EDITOR    What are the biggest factors impacting the property market at the moment? The long term impacts of problems with the global supply chain and the availability of materials and labour means it is increasingly difficult to build to a normal time scale and I can’t see that changing for a...

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National growth is forecast to drop from 10% to 3-5% as higher borrowing costs dampen demand

  Published by The Gaurdian - Julia Kollewe and Hilary Osborne Tue 28 Dec 2021 00.01 GMT2021 was a boom year for house prices Britain’s housing market is to slow dramatically in 2022 as borrowing costs rise and household budgets come under mounting strain, property experts have predicted. After a year of booming prices driven by stamp duty holidays across...

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The boom in UK house prices is likely to end next year as household finances become increasingly stretched, according to Halifax.

PUBLISHED BY THE GAURDIAN ON LINE 17TH DECEMBER 2021 The mortgage lender said it expected the red-hot increases in average house prices over the last two years – 8% so far this year and 6% in 2020 – to end, with growth forecast to be “broadly flat” in 2022. The Bank of England raised interest rates on Thursday for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, from 0.1% to 0.25%, and signalled further increases in the months ahead, p...

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UK Property forecast

PUBLISHED ON LINKEDINUK Property News - Friday 24th September 2021 Toni Miller-iCEO at Property GolfAutumn property market forecast: shortage of homes for sale to prevent price falls after stamp duty holiday rushThe dust is settling on the stamp duty holiday, but a shortage of stock for sale will support house prices in the run up to Christmas according to industry experts today. Halifax’s latest research found London house prices fell ...

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How is coronavirus affecting house prices?  

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Accidental landlords – don’t get caught out by the income tax trap

PUBLISHED BY PROPERTY WIRE 9TH APRIL 2021 Around 7% of landlords in the UK are ‘accidental’ and never intended to let out a property. Reasons for being an accidental landlord include inheriting a property that hasn’t been sold on and being forced to let out a home that cannot be sold.   As an accidental landlord, understanding the laws aroun...

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Homeowners look to second-charge mortgages to raise money for buy-to-let properties

PUBLISHED BY PROPERTY WIRE 12TH APRIL 2021 New research from criteria search specialist Knowledge Bank shows that homeowners are utilising second charge mortgages to raise money to invest in buy-to-let properties, home improvements, and to consolidate debt. These three contrasting usages highlight the state of the economic sit...

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2021 set to be a year of deadlines for the property market, but outlook remains positive

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AUTHOR -PROPERTY REPORTER | 8TH JANUARY 2021 Despite the dust only just beginning to settle from a highly active end to 2020 for the housing industry, there is a lot to take in for 2021 already. The UK’s departure from the EU, vaccine rollouts and a new lockdown, just to name a few. And while the ongoing pandemic...

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Pressure piles on government to extend stamp duty holiday and avoid a 'Spring collapse'


 WRITTEN BY PROPERTY REPORTER | 4TH JANUARY 2021 On the back of a rollercoaster year for the UK property industry and one of the busiest Christmas periods in a decade, further calls are being made to the government to extend the stamp duty holiday and avoid a devastating economic downturn. According to David Alexander, joint chief executive officer of apropos by DJ Alexander, there are growing signs that the market will soon run out of steam...

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Pandemic chaos means Brexit troubles will hurt less

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  17TH DECEMBER 2020 PROPERTY NEWS, UKBY RYAN BEMBRIDGE   Brexit won’t destabilise the housing market as much was feared before the pandemic, said Kush Rawal, director of residential investment at Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing. While it will have some impact, he felt the impact of covid-19 will dwarf the impact of leaving the EU. Kush Rawal, director of Residential Investment at Metropolitan Thames Valley Housin...

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I think my tenant has moved their partner into my property without telling me, could this cause me problems?


  PROPERTY CLINIC: Most tenancy agreements do not allow subletting without prior permissionA tenant may be in breach of their tenancy agreement if they move someone in  By MYRA BUTTERWORTH FOR MAILONLINE 5th November 2020 I've spotted a new car outside of my tenants' house. It has been regularly parked there ever since the tenant moved in a month ago and the tenant is not the driver. I'm wondering if the tenant has moved in a ...

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highest numbers of house movers in a decade

  October 26, 2020 UK Housing Market There’s been a huge rise in buying, selling and letting activity across the UK in recent months. With the housing market “running hot”, 2020 should see a strong end to the year in property. The surge of activity that has taken place across the UK property sector over the past few months has been unprecedented. A new report from consultant TwentyCi reveals that transaction levels are now the strongest they...

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‘HMRC investigation into Airbnb landlords may be last straw for short-term letting growth’‘HMRC investigation into Airbnb landlords may be last straw for short-term letting

13TH OCTOBER 2020 PROPERTY NEWS AUTHOR RYAN BEMBRIDGEThe upcoming investigation by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) into Airbnb landlords could result in a significant exodus of landlords from the short term letting sector, property management firm Apropos has warned.Airbnb has passed on the financial transactions of 225,000 people who rent out homes and rooms through its site, which could potentially result in landlords having to pay substantial bi...

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Government accused of kicking can down the road on evictions

 24TH AUGUST 2020 PROPERTY NEWS, UKBY RYAN BEMBRIDGE Landlord and property groups are unimpressed with the government’s latest extension of the tenant evictions ban. The government was accused of delaying the inevitable, while there was frustration at how the ban was extended at the 11th hour. The ban was due to expire at the end of this week but has been extended by four additional weeks. Oli Sherlock, head of insurance ...

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What Boris’s new lockdown guidance means for UK housing market

Published May 12, 2020Trending News, UK Housing Market-Eleanor Harvey On Sunday, Boris Johnson revealed the UK government’s “lockdown easing plan”. Some things will be changing from tomorrow, but how will this affect the property sector? Boris Johnson’s speech at the weekend was unsurprisingly met with a range of reactions from members of parliament, business leaders and members of the public. Much of the criticism pointed to a lack of ...

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Renting, homeownership and COVID-19: Savills looks at what’s changed

   Article Published by BuyAssociation online on 30th April 2020   A new report released by Savills explores some interesting trends in the UK housing market. It also reveals the latest predictions across renting and buying. Over the first 15 years of the 2000s, the number of private rented households in England more than doubled. Meanwhile, mortgaged homeowner numbers dropped by around 1.5 million. Homeownership stopped being a to...

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Coronavirus: demand for rented homes bounces back by 30% in two weeks

  Coronavirus: demand for rented homes bounces back by 30% in two weeks By Property News team- April 21, 2020 Demand for homes to rent has grown by 30% after initial decline in the wake of coronavirus. Our Rental Market Report examines the resilience of the rental market in 2020. Rental market bounce back The impact o...

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Residential Market Outlook: Week Beginning 6 April 2020

  Residential Market Outlook: Week Beginning 6 April 2020Written By: Liam Bailey, Knight Frank  Assessing Covid-19’s impact on the UK housing market Summary  The UK government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has utterly transformed the current economic and housing market landscape. The big question is what will its longer-term impact be?The outlook we set out below confirms a sharp fall in activity. Looking beyond the shor...

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Humiliation for government as rogues’ database is largely ignored

Written For letting Agent Today By Graham Norwood- 7th February 2020 The government’s hugely-publicised database for rogue letting agents and landlords has been running for almost two years and has…wait for it…just 22 entries. The This Is Money service from the DailyThe government’s hugely-publicised database for rogue letting agents and landlords has been running for almost two years and has…wait for it…just 22 entries. The This Is Money service...

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