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ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY RESIDENTIAL LANDLORDS ASSOCIATION REPRODUCED BY AII JULY 2018 What documents do I need to give to my tenant?I have protected my tenant's deposit, what documents do I need to give my tenant? Each deposit scheme requires you to give your tenant and anyone who has contributed to the deposit, the following documents: Copy of the deposit protection certificate/receiptPrescribed InformationThe deposit protection scheme leaflet for ...

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Using photos and video as evidence A guide for landlords and agents

Article published by My Deposit Scotland 8th February 2017   Inventories - to photograph or not to photograph? Even in this digital age, where social media and the way in which we receive information has made visual content appear more important than ever before, the use of photographs in inventory reports remains a somewhat contentious issue. Our Head of Dispute Resolution, Suzy Hershman, considers whether photographs and videos are useful ...

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